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Resources for Teaching Math with Money

Teaching math in a fun way can be challenging. Many children in elementary and middle school learn best when they are given real-life examples. However, introducing concepts to younger students with only simple numbers on a page may not encourage real world connections. Using money as a tool can offer a more concrete life experience while providing younger children with a hands-on method to learn by kinesthetic action rather than by passive visual instruction. Parents and educators have a wealth of materials available to them online that will help keep the educational process fun.

General Resources

Bank and Money Field Trip - PBS shares a variety of lesson plans and activities for grades pre-K to 12 on this multimedia site. Math lessons available include text, .pdf, and video resources.

Money Lesson Plans for Teachers - The Lesson Plans section of this website shows parents and teachers how the study of money can go beyond math into other subject areas such as language arts, social studies, science, and more.

Pocket Cents - provides multiple lesson plans to help with basic skills such as creating a savings account to the historic significance of President Abraham Lincoln's appearance on the $5 note.

Basic Math Skills

Beginning Measurement - The concept of measurement is introduced by using money and other math tools in creative ways.

Money Unit Study - The money unit from Busy Teacher Café teaches the basics of math through a fully integrated unit that includes math, language arts, and more.

Advanced Concepts

Econ Explorers Club - The Federal Reserve Bank of New York provides lesson plans for students in grades 4 - 6 to teach the basics of economics and world finance. A Teacher Guide and Student Notebook are also provided.

Money Lesson Plans - provides parents and teachers with an interesting list of materials and resources including animated websites and lesson plans on topics such as economics, money management, and taxes.

The Million $ Mission - Mathematics teacher Cynthia Lanius introduces exponents by using a fantasy story, some pennies, and Bill Gates.

Interactive Games

Money Games - Students can have fun practicing math with money through these online games that utilize unique skills while solving word problems and scramble puzzles.