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FreeScoresAndMore Launches to Provide 3 Bureau Credit Scores & Credit Monitoring

New Service Offers Consumers Comprehensive Approach to Credit Scores and Management

Stamford, CT- September 10, 2013- FreeScoresAndMore™, a provider of credit monitoring and identity theft protection, launched today to provide consumers with awareness of their credit scores, as well as real-time monitoring of their credit information based on information from the 3 major credit bureaus - Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

FreeScoresAndMore allows consumers to check their own scores without any risk of lowering their credit rating. The ability to centrally access, review and compare credit scores and information side-by-side makes it easier for consumers to spot potential inaccuracies or omissions and understand their full credit profile.

Key benefits of this new service include:

  • Triple Bureau Credit Scores
  • Real-time Credit Monitoring & Alerts
  • Credit Score Simulator & Tracking
  • Credit Application Monitoring

"We see significant interest in a product that provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive snap-shot of a person's entire credit history based on information from the 3 major bureaus," said Vin Torcasio, Director of Product for FreeScoresAndMore. "This solution empowers consumers to make more educated decisions regarding debt, borrowing and financing by connecting all of the important information in their entire credit profile across the bureaus."

Additionally, to help consumers protect themselves from new account fraud, which Javelin Research and Strategy reports has increased dramatically over the past year, FreeScoresAndMore provides Credit Application Monitoring1. This feature works in real-time - across thousands of businesses - constantly scanning for instances where a consumer's name and personal information are being used to fraudulently open new accounts or lines of credit. According to Javelin, in 2012, identity thieves were able to defraud nearly $5,000 for each instance of new account fraud, totaling $10 billion.

"For years, I've maintained that one of the best ways to protect yourself is to have a service that monitors your credit files across the major bureaus and sends you real-time alerts of certain changes," said Frank W. Abagnale, Secure Document and ID Theft Consultant associated with the FBI for over 30 years and best-selling author. "Statistics have regularly shown that early detection is a key to mitigating personal loss, and proactive notifications, both at the credit bureau and at the credit application level, can help consumers limit the damage that identity thieves can cause."

FreeScoresAndMore membership includes a monthly refresh of credit scores and information, in addition to ongoing score tracking, score modeling, and real-time credit monitoring and alerting. For more information, or to gain access to your credit scores, visit

About FreeScoresAndMore

FreeScoresAndMore is a premier provider of 3 bureau credit scores and identity theft protection services. We help consumers nationwide manage and protect their credit and identity by providing a full range of tools and services as part of the FreeScoresAndMore offering. Members can access their 3 bureau credit scores, receive 24/7 credit alerts via 3 bureau credit file monitoring, and also have access to identity theft protection and resolution services. The scores provided with FreeScoresAndMore, as developed by VantageScore Solutions LLC, are designed to help consumers understand their credit.

FreeScoresAndMore is a part of Affinion Group, a global leader in the credit information and identity theft protection space. With over 40 years history, Affinion's credit and identity services are trusted by millions of consumers globally.

1Credit application monitoring is provided by ID Analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does checking my credit scores through FreeScoresAndMore affect my credit rating?
No, not at all. You're entitled to check your own credit scores as often as you like without any risk of lowering your credit rating. FreeScoresAndMore gives you access to your scores based on your data from each of the 3 major bureaus.

Won't all 3 credit scores be the same, or close?
Not necessarily. That's why checking all 3 of your scores is so important to managing your credit effectively.

What is a good credit score?
Credit scores range from 350 to 850, and your score could differ from bureau to bureau, as creditors do not always report to all three. Typically, a good score is 750 or higher.